Mascara is an essential component in any woman’s make-up bag. Whether one has naturally long and curly eyelashes, or eyelashes that are short and straight, they probably wear mascara to enhance the appearance of their eyes. However, many women do not know how to apply mascara properly in order to achieve the long, thick, and voluptuous lashes they desire. Instead, they experiment with different types of mascaras that promise them the results they crave but can never seem to attain.

By acting as a frame to ones eyes, mascara has the potential to completely transform the appearance of eyelashes through increasing their volume and length while maintaining a natural look. However, every woman occasionally suffers from spider-like lashes. When mascara is applied improperly, where the lashes are harshly clumped together, it can create a very fake and unattractive appearance. The good news is clump-free lashes are completely avoidable!

Users should make sure their mascara is not too old. Not only does old mascara increase the risk of eye infections, it also is a leading cause of clumping.

If ones tube of mascara is relatively new then it is likely that the brush will have a lot of excess mascara on it. One way to avoid getting clumps in the first place is to use a tissue to dab at least a little of the excess mascara off of the wand's bristles before applying the make-up to the lashes.

Do the zig-zag! They should start at the lash base and zig-zag the mascara wand outward until the user have reached the tips of their lashes. This helps to separate the lashes and reduces the chance of them sticking together.

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