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Coach House CM Holdings Plc (CHCM) is a UK based company specialising in the development and manufacture of a technologically advanced suite of antimicrobial products that provide long lasting surface protection against infectious microorganisms.

CHCM products contain no metals, bleaches or acids, are not harmful to humans, plants or animals and can be formulated to protect all surfaces from harmful bacteria. Odourless and undetectable to the human eye or touch, CHCM products bond to surfaces to provide instant antimicrobial action as well as hours weeks or months of residual antimicrobial defence.

With the UN, the WHO and the World Bank currently warning of a world-wide Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) crisis, CHCM products look to attack the threat by targeting surfaces rather than the microbes themselves. In this way they are less susceptible than chemical based products to bacteria evolving or morphing into so called ‘Super Bugs’. By protecting these surfaces bacteria are unable to adhere and therefore unable to colonise. This approach is encapsulated in the company mantra “Protection through Prevention”.

The Impact Investment Network enables its accredited impact issuers to increase their visibility and exposure, connect with investors and undertake primary or secondary listings of debt and equity instruments through its partnership with the NEX Exchange.

About the Impact Investment Network

 The Impact Investment Network Ltd (IIN) is the first organisation licensed to deliver the Social Stock Exchange brand and accreditation methodology in the UK.

IIN is a partnership of value-driven businesses working collectively to empower both public and private companies to grow in a sustainable and ethical way, bringing leading organisations together as part of a dynamic network of socially and environmentally driven, commercially-focused businesses from across the globe. IIN also provides access to Europe’s only public market segment dedicated to enterprises making the world a better place, through the NEX Exchange.

The Impact Investment Network has an agreement with NEX Exchange to operate the Social Stock Exchange branded market segment for impact businesses.

NEX is a Recognised Investment Exchange operating a regulated market and a growth market and provides a secondary market trading facility. NEX is supervised by the FCA.

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