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Concilio Solutions are keen to educate business professionals on the ‘process of manifestation’, as the principles are often misunderstood. Manifestation is more than just committing to positive thinking. Positive thinking alone does not generate success, and sitting around waiting for positive thinking to deliver positive results is a fruitless exercise. The true principles of manifestation are that when an individual commits to positive thoughts AND aligns themselves with their desired outcomes they are able to find more opportunities and influence the world around them so that positive results manifest around them. In a recent meeting with their contractors, Newcastle-based Concilio Solutions shared the principles of manifestation and outlined how they can be implemented in everyday life to drive success and improve mental well-being.

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Concilio Solutions believe that without a basic understanding of manifestation, professionals can get trapped in a circle of negativity and will struggle to achieve both short term and long term goals. The firm were eager to address that what manifests in the mind dictates action, and that in order to encourage positive, progressive action professionals must break free of this cycle by focusing on positive and motivational affirmations. To help their contractors visualise this theory the firm outlined each stage of the cycle; thoughts leads to feelings, these feelings lead to actions which then create habits, these habits dictate results which then influence thoughts. If a professional starts the cycle with negative thoughts each stage will be driven by negativity and nothing of value will be gained.

Concilio Solutions believe that to break this cycle and introduce positive manifestation professionals need to work on creating a more positive mind set. Whilst in theory this may seem like a daunting and potentially impossible task, in practice it is more achievable than people may think. By recognising that they are powerful and have control over their thoughts and actions people can begin to overcome factors which are out of their control. In turn this can influence the world around them so that if offers greater opportunities. The firm also advise people not to compare themselves to others as everyone succeeds at an individual pace and each journey is special and unique.

Concilio Solutions believe that understanding the ‘process of manifestation’ is so vital to achieving professional goals, and incredibly valuable in a competitive industry such as sales and marketing. The firm are confident that the process will help their contractors generate better results for clients by providing motivation and encouraging a positive attitude, which will allow them to form stronger relationships with customers.

Specialising in face-to-face sales and marketing services, Concilio Solutions help brands to form meaningful connections with their customers, driving sales and improving market reach. By engaging with their clients’ customers one-on-one, the firm are able to deliver a competitive, personalised service which builds memorable customer experiences and improves relations between brands and their target audiences.


Concilio Solutions is an energetic and ambitious outsourced sales and marketing company situated in the heart of Newcastle. For more information Follow @ConcilioSol on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.

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