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Consultonomics Ltd report that freelancing and contract work are on the rise, offering win-win situations to businesses and freelancers. “Nowadays, employees are looking for more freedom and flexibility in order to balance out their career with their lifestyle,” explains Joe Clarke, Managing Director of Consultonomics Ltd. In fact, a report for Education Post reveals that there is growth in the freelance industry, with statistics showing a 12.7 per cent increase in interim management projects worldwide. 

In Ireland, many businesses remain sceptical about this trend and stick to the typical ‘manager versus employees’ model as they are worried to let their employees go. Joe Clarke however believes it is time to adapt and benefit from increased productivity. “We value innovation and creative minds. I think fostering entrepreneurship in the workplace is beneficial for many businesses,” says Joe Clarke. “Business owners shouldn’t look at this trend as a negative situation. If their employees are looking for growth, why not look at why that is, and whether their new business ventures could also benefit your business in some way, perhaps a partnership could be formed that is beneficial for both parties”, continues Joe Clarke of Consultonomics Ltd. Furthermore, the experience gained by the employee demonstrates initiative and drive and the newly gained real-life business experience are looked upon highly.

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Joe Clarke of Consultonomics Ltd believes that businesses should not stand in the way of the personal development of their work force. “This is an opportunity to create a win-win situation,” explains Joe Clarke. The freelance model can be very beneficial for business owners as well. The people they select for their projects are not only very skilled for a specific task; they are absolutely motivated and really want to create success for the business in order to be recommended further. “I believe this should be attractive for any business owner,” adds Joe Clarke.

Consultonomics Ltd is an outsourced sales and marketing company based in Limerick, Ireland. The firm raises brand awareness on behalf of their clients and promotes and sells their products and services. Consultonomics Ltd trades with a number of local freelancers and self-employed individuals. “I believe it adds value to our business environment and also to our clients through the acquisitions of more advanced skills and higher productivity due to freelancers being more heavily invested in a project performing to a high level,” summarises Joe Clarke. Consultonomics Ltd predicts that freelance and contract work will increase further as more and more businesses recognise the benefits. 

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