We love a good crazy prediction here in the Money4Machines main office, and it looks like the good old BBC have made our Wednesday as random as we could hope by reporting on plans for humanity to hit the stars for a spot of light asteroid mining!

The fantastically monikered Deep Space Industries Company is hoping to make asteroid mining a reality in our lifetime. Their aim is to initially visit some of the 1,500 asteroids accessible from Earth using "Firefly" space craft to asses mining conditions and help the company's researchers design and build mining vessels - “Dragonflies” - that will then play the integral role in what's predicted to be a trillion pound industry. The first craft are expected to be launched in 2015 with mission lengths of between two and six months.

Rather makes us feel like our mission to help you sell iPhone handsets or sell your mobile to get some summer holiday cash is a small endeavour indeed! Then again, one is probably not going to benefit from Deep Space Industries' plans just yet, whereas one can sell their mobile and have some cash from us straight away, so never mind.

The YouTube video advert for Deep Space Industries is laughably cheesy – it reminds us of the over-the-top productions created for evil corporations in films like Prometheus' Weiland-Utani Corporation (slogan: “Building Better Worlds”) or Resident Evil's Umbrella Corporation (slogan” “Why is Mila Jovovich so damn hard to kill?!”) We can't help but think getting some less Blade Runner-esque production values might help their case. Still, it was an interesting watch and we're really quite excited!

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