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Hundreds of local authorities turn to bailiffs when they are owed money. Now, councils across the country are entrusting Council Tax Advisors CIC to mediate directly with their debtors, to get their owed funds paid to them faster- all without charging anyone a penny. Today this non-profit organisation is reminding local authorities, charities, housing associations and other agents of the benefit to their bottom line that there IS a sensible alternative to Debt Enforcement Agencies.


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United Kingdom – With the recent news that Local Authorities are handing over two-million files to bailiffs each year and with less money actually being recovered, it is clear that this aggressive “go get-'em” approach is far from successful. By contrast, a growing number of informed councils are now able to recover debt quicker, at no cost to them – all without a bailiff in sight.

Thanks to the work of Council Tax Advisors CIC, the non-profit organisation, thousands of debtors are able to turn to them when they have fallen into arrears with council tax, business rates, housing benefit repayments and a host of other sundry debts. Council Tax Advisors offers them everything from simple advice calls to a full suite of mediation services, resulting in the agreement of affordable, sustainable repayment plans – and best still, nobody on either side pays a penny for their expertise.

Today’s new campaign is simple: to inform all councils, housing associations and charities that Council Tax Advisors CIC is ready to help, and urge them to make contact to discuss setting up a formal relationship.

“The deal is simple, we’ll help local authorities recover their debts faster and cheaper – without the current culture of just handing files over to Enforcement Agencies. As we now know, this costs a lot of money and often results in no actual debt collection,” explains Chris Richards, Founder of Council Tax Advisors CIC. “When debtors call us, we give them free advice. If we have an existing relationship with their local authority, we will then work to formulate a mutually-beneficial repayment plan to get debt recovered quickly. There’s no charge for our services to anyone – end of.”

Continuing, “we’re the only organisation in the country doing what we do, and we will rapidly increase the percentage of recovered debt for any local authority that agrees to partner with us. They have nothing to lose, and everything to gain – as do the debtors who owe them money.”

Interested councils are urged to make contact today. Equally, we welcome housing associations and charities and other agencies.

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We at Council Tax Advisors (CTACIC) are the highly experienced, knowledgeable and professionals dedicated to helping you resolve your council tax or business rates bailiff issues. We have helped 1000s of people to set up affordable payment plans with their council after having been visited by Bailiffs such as Bristow & Sutor, Rossendales and Ross & Roberts to name a few. 

Our mission is to discourage the use of bailiffs and heavy-handed action for those facing council tax and business rates arrears and offer an effective alternative solution. CTACIC offers FREE advice from the outset and mediates between you, your council and its bailiffs.

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