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The Harmony Hypnosis Meditation app was one of the first of its kind. It was created by top London hypnotherapist Darren Marks and recently won the award of Best Lifestyle App at The International Mobile App Awards. The latest incarnation has just been released on iOS with the new Android version coming very soon. It has a re imagined interface and Apple watch capability that allows users to monitor the change in their heart rate as they release negative thoughts and feelings and become more calm and relaxed. The app which has been used by more than 2 million people worldwide, is a powerful tool for creating inner peace and balance, qualities that are becoming increasingly important in the world we inhabit today.

Anne Marie McNamara from New York in the USA has been using the programme for some time:

“I started using Harmony Hypnosis several years ago, I suffered from anxiety and depression for 15 years and was diagnosed with PTSD after 9/11. I was in therapy but did not want to take antidepressants. I decided to explore other options and I came across several of Darren’s hypnosis sessions and started using them. I can’t begin to say how much they helped me. His calm soothing voice helped, and listening to him daily changed my life. They are still my go to therapy if I find myself feeling anxious.”

Jody Smith from Australia has had a similar experience:

“I have been using Harmony Hypnosis for almost two years now. My life is very busy and I am under quite a lot of stress from all areas. (Work, relationships, everyday stuff) When I use these meditations it just helps me cope so much better and I find that I don't have that chatter in my head. I love it!”

The app also goes beyond helping users with anxiety, stress and confidence building but also includes sessions for weight loss, stop smoking, alcohol management, sports motivation, overcoming phobias and much more.

“I used Harmony to lose weight (4 stone) successfully, and also to overcome my fear of flying. I enjoy the relaxation at the beginning of each recording and find his voice very calming.” Writes Dee Parris in her review on the Google Play Store.

“The idea was to create an app that was as close as you could get to seeing a real hypnotherapist and enables users to create their own programme based on their individual needs.” Says Darren Marks, the apps creator. “The feedback we’ve received from all over the world has been really touching and inspires us to continue improving and updating our offerings.”

The app is not a quick fix, but a tool that when used regularly and correctly can make a big difference to people’s lives. This idea is perhaps summed up best by the following review posted on the UK Apple Appstore: “I downloaded this 3 weeks ago and I've used it every day - I was so sceptical of hypnosis but this works. It's changing the way I think in a noticeable way. Progress takes focus and dedication and makes you confront your issues but it's completely and utterly worth it. Feeling great”

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