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The field-marketing agency Credico UK believes that it is vital for all brands to offer offline opportunities for their consumers, strengthening their communities in the process.

Building a community around a brand is becoming an increasingly popular strategy for companies - whether through branded content or physical interactions. Field marketing agency Credico UK believes that the best way to establish a sense of community is through personal interaction.

Credico UK:

A recent Forbes article by founder and CEO of Hawke Medi, Erik Huberman suggests that engaging in face-to-face activations with consumers, attending events or otherwise, is imperative to fostering a sense of community among passionate brand advocates.

"Creating a place for like-minded people to gather offers a tremendous opportunity for brands to acquire feedback, and listen to ideas," said a spokesperson for Credico UK.

With a plethora of buying options, building a loyal customer base in 2019 has become even more challenging. Credico UK argues that brands need to be more than just their products or services in this ever-evolving digital age.

"The ultimate key to creating an engaged and loyal community is to build an emotional attachment," added the spokesperson for the firm, who believes that establishing trust is best done when companies put a face to their brand, centred on the human interaction.

In this way, the firm believes face to face marketing offers a contribution to community building, and in turn, an increase in brand loyalty.



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