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Direct marketing is a highly successful way to generate sales from new and existing customers and is all about making direct contact with these customers to promote a brand's products and services. Unlike media advertising, direct marketing enables a business to target a particular demographic with a personalised message.

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Compared to other forms of marketing, direct marketing is cost effective and extremely powerful at generating sales; which is why direct marketing is an ideal choice for small businesses.

Direct marketing is being increasingly used by companies as part of their marketing strategy because of the quantity and quality of results generated through direct marketing campaigns. Here, independent field marketing specialists, Credico UK, discuss the most common challenges faced by marketers today and how direct marketing can be utilised to overcome the problem.

Has ROI been measured for all marketing activities? Measuring Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the biggest challenges that marketers face. With any direct marketing campaign, the break-even point is calculated (this is the number of sales needed to make to cover the cost of the marketing) and the actual ROI.

Have strong customer profiles been built? Mass media marketing does not necessarily target specific demographics, so as a result, much of it is wasted. With direct marketing campaigns, the target audience is identified and time is taken to ensure the marketing message matches with whatever that target segment needs and desires.

Are customers being connected with? TV and online marketing do not get timely feedback to assess if customers are connecting with the content. Direct marketing connects with customers in-person and frequently, which means they are likely to keep the brand at the top of their mind when they need a particular product or service.

Credico UK is an independent field marketing agency that offers outsourced direct sales and marketing solutions to businesses across the UK and Ireland. The agency has a network of regional offices that are strategically placed in some of the UK’s largest and most thriving cities, enabling them to target particular demographics and provide a personalised marketing strategy for their clients. The firm is urging more businesses and marketers to switch to direct marketing methods to ensure they can secure the best results possible.



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