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Eva is an optical physicist; she has extensive experience with photonics integrated chips, integrated micro-optics and fibre optic technology. Holding a degree in physics from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Eva was able to gather research and conduct a master thesis about a solid-state laser pumped by semiconductor laser.

Crypta Labs is a quantum cybersecurity company which develops IP, hardware and related software using the quantum properties of light to secure highly critical data and communication devices embedded in critical infrastructure for the aerospace, communication, medical, military, and transport sectors.

Joe Luong, CEO, said: "We are thrilled to welcome Eva to Crypta Labs, with her vast knowledge and experience I am confident that she will be a great asset to the team."

Eva Caravaca, optical physicist, said: "I am excited to be working at Crypta Labs and contributing to developing the optics needed for the QRNG with an experienced and well-structured team. I am also looking forward to researching new photonics sources to obtain random numbers and developing my current knowledge."

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About Crypta Labs

Conceptualised in 2014, Crypta Labs Ltd was incorporated in 2015 after the realisation that a true random number generator to create military grade encryption was possible even by the use of the camera on a mobile phone.

Since its establishment, Crypta Labs has won numerous industry accolades and awards for its innovation and a contract with the Ministry of Defence to move development past the proof of concept stage to product prototypes.

The in-house technical team, now based at headquarters nearby the silicon roundabout in London, together with specialist advisors from the military, aerospace and research fellows in Quantum science, are responsible for driving the project forward.

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