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New York/London, April 27, 2011 /DABBLERR newspress/-- US Congressman Paul Tonko, from the Congressional Energy and Environment Committee, ex-President of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and Representative for New York's 21st congressional district, and Roger Evans, London Assembly Member and Environment Committee Member, spoke live via video link on Dabblerr.com.

Dr Tom Headen, from (ISIS) the Science and Technology Facilities Council including a member from the US International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) also presented on the latest research on alternative energy sources.

Congressman Tonko, who favours cultural exchange and Research and Development, believes the US should respond to a post-recession recovery in an innovative way, shifting from traditional thinking to a new era of opportunity and productivity; taking the example of the UK and Europe, a more aggressive and innovative program that embraces advanced alternative technology is the way to move forward.

Young students from Scotia Glenville High School in New York and Oaks Park High School in London also took part in the video conference, discussing, comparing and debating on which alternative energy sources should receive funding in the future and why. The session was moderated by Tim Boundy from the JANET Videoconferencing Service (JVCS).

Dabblerr was very pleased to see students creating demand on Dabblerr.com and to have worked together with New York Networking Future (a private not-for-profit corporation which fosters science and education in New York State), NERIC (North East Regional Information Centre) and the London Grid of Learning to make this very first ever cross Atlantic debate between schools in New York and London happen.

Silvia Lombardo, Vice President of Communication and one of the co-founders of Dabblerr met Mina Patel from London Grid of Learning at BETT 2011 when she presented Dabblerr at the Collabor8 4 Change panel:  “Dabblerr is very happy with this new partnership and we look forward to organize more online video conferences with the London Grid of Learning based on the demand of our users”. 

Dabblerr only four months after its launch was awarded a prize on 13th of April 2011 as one of the finalists at the Business Plan Competition Awards hosted by online Dragon’s Den Julie Meyer and received international attention after its first video conference with the Inspire Antarctica Expedition Team on 23rd of March 2011.

Dabblerr.com is a crowdsourced educational platform invented by youngest TED fellow Apurv Mishra, where people can learn from the world’s foremost experts through live online sessions. It's a win-win enabler which flipped the traditional educational system to make it "by demand". The inspiration behind Dabblerr was the famous TED talk by creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson where he put forward a case to make education more personalised so as to create conditions for natural talents to flourish.

Apurv Mishra
is also the CEO of Future.ly, a website mapping the State of Innovation across the world, which launched on Friday 1 April 2011.

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