I am interested in learning Climate Change from Arturo Pelayo. Would you want to join?

E-Base Bellingshausen in Antarctica 

Antarctica/London, 23 March 2011 DABBLERR newspress

As supporters of Climate Week, Dabblerr.com organised a live online dialogue on 23 March, between 2011 Inspire Antarctic Expedition team in Antarctica and students in London between the age of 11 to 17 who demanded on Dabblerr.com for this class with Antarctica to happen.

The students questioned Arturo Pelayo, communications officer and Siu Shan Lam project analyst, group information technology for the 2011 Inspire Antarctic Expedition, on various facets of life in Antarctica and were thrilled by the responses.

As the theme of the discussion was based on renewable energy and climate change, students were educated on the types of renewable energy used and the climate changes happening there due to global warming. They also had access to instantaneously shared photo files of the base.

This 2011 Inspire Antarctica expedition has been led by 2041, an organization founded by Robert Swan, the first person in the history to walk to both the North and South Poles.

The sessions were brought to the Charter School in Southwark moderated by Sujit Nair, Dabblerr COO, and Oaks Park High School in Redbridge, moderated by Silvia Lombardo, Dabblerr vice president of communication, featured locally on Southwark News, nationally on BBC School report and internationally on Tecnocino.

Mina Patel, chair of the London Video Conferencing Development Group and consultant for London Grid for Learning said: “What a fantastic opportunity for the young people in Redbridge. LGfL is thrilled that Dabblerr was able to partner with them to bring this once-in-a-school-time conferencing opportunity to Oaks Park High School."

Lin Procter, community manager at The Charter School said: "Our Year-7 school reporters were extremely excited about the possibility of speaking to some real live scientists – particularly in Antarctica. I think one way of noting their enthusiasm was the amount of research they conducted themselves before the interview. Opportunities like this can be truly inspirational for young people."

Dabblerr COO Sujit Nair explains that Dabblerr.com is an educational platform for people to involve their friends, and friends of their friends to create enough demand so as to learn a topic of their choice from their favourite hero. People choose what they want to learn and from whom they what to learn from. Once enough demand is created, the sessions are streamed online for everyone to watch. 

Apurv Mishra, CEO of Dabblerr said: "The idea of Dabblerr is simple but powerful. All of us dream of learning from the foremost experts but most of us never get an opportunity to do so. Dabblerr intends to turn 'dream lessons into reality'."

Dabblerr.com is a crowdsourced educational platform invented by youngest TED Fellow Apurv Mishra, with the purpose of bringing about a revolution in education by making it "by demand".

The inspiration behind was the famous TED talk by creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson where he put forward a case to make education more personalised so as to create conditions for natural talents to flourish.

Apurv Mishra is also the CEO of Future.ly, a website mapping the State of Innovation across the world, which launched on Friday 1 April 2011.

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