Many law firms may be unaware of the importance of brand awareness in the legal sector but Darlingtons Solicitors are not among them.

The legal market is opening up fast with major brand retailers entering the market and according to James Swede, Managing Partner of Darlingtons, smaller law firms need to make sure that their firm’s name is constantly in the mind of not only new prospective clients but also existing clients. He advises that :-

"There are unprecedented changes in the legal sector and for us, among many business indicators but perhaps foremost of all, we are intent on ensuring that the name Darlingtons Solicitors achieves a raised profile year on year"

In addition to traditional forms of marketing, Darlingtons focuses heavily on an online strategy by producing high quality legal content on our website and also our blog and leveraging it on social media and other channels.

The advantage to the firm of it’s online strategy is that, via google analytics, it is easy to measure the number of branded online searches for Darlingtons on a year to year basis. Having undertaken this exercise in the last week, Darlingtons ascertained that it had attained a 30% increase in branded searches for the firm.

Mr Swede further commented on this, "we are absolutely delighted that our brand is growing and the data from google analytics vindicates our investment of time and resource on online activities, which we will continue to invest in, but equally importantly, to monitor closely."

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