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Decision Decisions recognise that people might be dubious getting a reading from a new person, which is why they have announced an exciting new special offer. Thanks to an exclusive discount pin number, callers can now call in and speak to a top physic with a set price. Price per minute deals can work out expensive which is why Decision Decisions have come up with this new set price initiative!

Jean Genie is a psychic that has worked hard to hone her skills and offer people reliable readings. Thanks to her online service people seeking a reading no longer have to travel to have their fortune read, because you can now get the guidance you need from the comfort of your own home. Jean Genie is proud of the service that she is able to offer and as you will see from her website, she has done her best to make sure that these readers are accessible to everyone - more so now thanks to the pin number that allows you to enjoy a cut price reading.

Finding a reliable physic can be hard work and people seeking guidance in this way often experience readings with a number of people before they find someone that they click with. Thanks to her many years of experience Jean Genie is confident that she'll be able to give you a reading that you will be nothing less than over the moon with.

Another option when you head over to the Decision Decisions website is to sign up for a text reading. This helps to make readings accessible to everyone as Jean Genie recognises that we can't all get to the phone in order to get a reading. Being given a bit of direction in your life can be really helpful, so that is why Decision Decisions want to make it as easy for people to sign up to reading as possible.

If people are searching for an affordable reading then the pin 3813 will give them a set price reading of £14.99 for 20 minutes.

Who Are Decision Decisions?

Decision Decisions is a website that allows you to access to Jean Genie and her services. If you head over to you'll be able to see details of the services that she offers and the prices involved in order to get a reading. The website is due a re-launch and is expected to be revamped anytime now.


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