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Roger Lane Consulting Ltd is the European Partner for SimulationDeck, which simulates the real-world information environment using different channels, such as social media, TV, radio and online print. The company also creates simulations for university post-graduate courses which enable the students to interact in dynamic, fictitious but realistic scenarios, whilst learning how to use the different communications means effectively.

Each participant assumes the role of a delegate advocating its national position in a regional forum, such as NATO's North Atlantic Council, where decisions are made by consensus. Students develop their strategies, interact with others, seeking to persuade and influence them, developing trade-offs and compromises in order to achieve a consensus. This builds transferable skills which are highly valued in the workplace. 

Exercise managers and role-players include retired generals and ambassadors, who provide a high level of authenticity and credibility. They develop the scenario so that inherent tensions in the different national interests acts as a catalyst for interaction and negotiation, whilst also chairing the plenary sessions and providing expert assessments. An explanation of how the simulations are conducted is at

Over several years, feedback from both students and course tutors has been strongly positive. Earlier this year, one student playing the role of the US delegation said: "By far the best day I’ve had [at university]… The organisers/delegations really pulled out all the stops and made it an engaging and inclusive experience." 

This was affirmed by the course tutor who tweeted: "And it's reasons like this that I not only love my job, but firmly believe simulations are hands down the best active-learning tools in politics/IR!"

As universities seek to attract students during a period of uncertainty and provide them with a great uni experience which will make them attractive in the post-graduation jobs market, Roger Lane Consulting Ltd has transformed its simulations to enable complete virtual delivery to meet COVID-19 requirements.

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