Display Developments were recently approached for advice by Homer Simpson, the safety inspector of The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

The plant has gained a notorious reputation for being poorly maintained, mainly due to the miserliness of the owner, although he has largely blamed it on safety inspector Homer Simpson’s self-confessed incompetence. A recent surprise inspection found over 340 violations with an estimated $57 million required to enable the plant to meet required safety standards, money which Burns refused to spend.

Mr Burns feels that there have only been minor safety violations leading to luminous rats in the bowels of the building, pipes and drums leaking radioactive waste, the occasional disposal of waste in a children’s playground, plutonium used as a paperweight, cracked cooling towers (quickly fixed by Homer using a piece of chewing gum), skeletons in the basement, dangerously high Geiger counter readings around the perimeter of the plant, flashing red alert signs being ignored by employees, the creation of a mutant subspecies of three-eyed fish and a horrific giant spider.

Security is also shown to be somewhat lax, as a ten year old Albanian spy disguised as a foreign exchange student recently took pictures and got information on the plant simply by asking Homer for a tour.

As a first step towards improving security, Display Developments recommended the use of their badge racks to monitor the arrival & departure of staff & visitors.

For those who are having problems monitoring their staff & visitors, Display Developments offer a range of Staff In Out Boards & Badge Racks which will ensure they meet their Health & Safety targets.  Please call us now on 0808 1682372 to speak to one of our sales staff.

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