According to Ofcom "Two fifths of UK adults now own a Smartphone, with the same proportion saying their phone is the most important device for accessing the Internet."

Because greater functionality is built-in, Smartphone’s can do things more quickly than the standard mobile phone. Smartphone handsets can function as personal organisers, with electronic diaries, contact lists, and automatic reminders. DK Connect add they can also be used to take notes, review and edit your appointments, contacts and documents. More and more services are being made available on Smartphone’s, from access to maps, satnav and directions to television transmissions with news coverage or weather reports to traffic information and scheduling alerts - which means businesses can always stay one step ahead of what's going on.

As more and more people use their mobiles to access information and buy products, the businesses that use mobile-friendly technology will find they are more in sync with their customers. DK Connect outline that the budding digital landscape means that businesses should have more than just a website; they should develop or utilize tools to drive engagement with the business and generate sales.

Valerie Holt, chairwoman of Footprint Media, says "Apps are prevalent, powerful, and help businesses to grow and run smoothly. Small and mid-sized businesses have endorsed the viral marketing campaigns of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but many forget the power of the business app - there are some out there that can get you organised, connected and visible."

A recent survey by Netgear showed that some 35% of Small and Medium Enterprises are considering strategic investment in new technology, with 28 per cent specifically investing in portable devices such as tablets and Smartphone’s.

DK Connect’s Managing Director, Ramune Kuskyte, rolled out the use of Smartphone’s across the launch of their new marketing campaigns. She says, "Smartphone’s are a fantastic, modern and easy way to interact with our customers. We can access our own business app and provide information and demonstrations to our customers with the click of a button. It’s also great when I travel for business that I can access all my data using my Smartphone rather than having to haul a mountain load of paperwork across the country."

Smartphone’s are moulding the business world into a technical industry with its easy access, easy use and easy transportation.

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