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The outsourced sales and marketing company who specialise in the film and gaming industry, have taken the initiative to adopt resource efficient practices and have experienced rewards in addition to a reduced carbon footprint. Since the introduction of this policy, not only has Dominion Acquisitions Ltd ethical reputation have the potential to be more greatly established as a more caring, ‘green’ brand, the firm have also benefited from the savings that ‘going green’ offers e.g. cheaper energy bills.

Managing Director for Dominion Acquisitions Ltd, Adina Stoleru has commented that "since adopting this energy efficiency policy we have noticed an improved perception of our business. 76% of our suppliers agree that customers prefer to work with companies that consider how their actions affect the environment."

Going green has become a businesses new best friend, due to the many benefits that it can provide. Earthshare, an environment website provides helpful information for businesses like Dominion Acquisitions who are aiming to ‘go green’.

By adopting an environmental policy, the business can focus on reducing waste, promoting recycling and encourage energy saving within the workplace. This policy can bring in new customers and offer a variety of ideas: telecommuters and alternative working arrangements for employees; electronic invoices, statements and quotes; reduction of energy consumption and reliance on natural lighting.

A ‘green’ business strives to have a positive impact on the environment and the community. By developing and practising these business strategies and ensuring that they go beyond regulation, Dominion Acquisitions can demonstrate commitment to a healthy and sustainable future, and by adopting principles, policies and practices that improve the quality of life for their clientèle and employees.

Earthshare featured examples of companies that have benefited from adapting to an environmentally friendly policy; Coca Cola’s efforts to reduce their packaging resulted in a saving of $100 million; Marks & Spencer's have earned an extra £50 million in revenue, thanks to their adopted environmental and ethical guidelines, and lastly, a small business owner in the UK replaced sixty two tube lights to more energy efficient lighting throughout his shop, which resulted in a £2,282 saving in annual energy costs.

Earthshare also revealed that the Environmental Defence Fund and Frost & Sullivan conducted a survey of 500 energy efficient business leaders. 42% claimed that their sales had increased over the past one to two years.

To conclude, by striving to be a ‘green’ business, Dominion Acquisitions has much to achieve in the business world after these promising statements and findings.

Dominion Acquisitions is an outsourced customer acquisitions firm who specialise in the entertainment, film and gaming industries. 
Based in the vibrant city of London we have been working on developing marketing, sales and customer acquisitions campaigns for our clients 

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