The latest inspirational story influencing the firm's weekly morning meetings is that of three farmers and their hunt for gold. The fable has proven to be educational and inspiring for all Smarktivity's contractors, serving as the perfect example of why no-one should ever give up on their dreams.

About Smarktivity:

The story tells the tale of three farmers who ran a horse ranch and decided to give it up to pursue their real dream of hunting for gold. However, after several months of searching the farmers had not found any gold, so they decided to sell off their land once and for all. The new owners of the land continued digging and found the gold their predecessors had been searching for, just 6 feet away from where the other farmers had stopped digging.

The firm believes this story perfectly illustrates why a person should never give up on their dreams because they will never know how far away they were from achieving their goals. As firm believers of pursuing dreams of every size, Smarktivity believes it is important to invest time in self-development discussions and training, to keep staff motivated and on track.

Smarktivity believes there is another lesson that can be taken from this story. The company is confident that this story also illustrates the importance of self-motivation and persistence, which is particularly important in their line of work. “The farmers gave up because they ran out of motivation and consequently lost sight of their goal,” Revealed a spokesperson for the firm.

The sales and marketing company has been asking their contractors to visualise their end goal or something their achievements will bring them, i.e. a holiday, a car, a new opportunity, etc.

Smarktivity's mission is to be bright, colourful and passionate in everything they do. Their brand was conceptualised on the idea that over half of the world’s species live in a jungle environment, and the Birmingham firm feel like this represents the amount of sales and marketing businesses out there – but unlike the rest, Smarktivity aim to be different and the best at representing their clients’ brands. The company has a unique vision to grow and establish Smarktivity as the number one sales and marketing brand in the UK. The word jungle comes from the Sanskrit word which means uncultivated land – Smarktivity plan to move into those territories and expand their clients’ market reach.

Based in Birmingham, Smarktivity specialise in outsourced sales and marketing on behalf of their clients’ brands. Follow on Twitter or on Facebook.

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