Vote for Mental Health Charity Rethink for #MentalHealthAwareness week

With such as high number of people around the world fighting mental health issues every day, charities such as Rethink are essential to thousands of lives. During this Mental Health Awareness week, they are working with My Favourite Voucher Codes in their charity poll in the hopes of winning a free donation. If they secure the most votes, they will win a donation of 20% of the profits for May 2018; and can continue to support those in need.

Rethink provide support in a variety of ways, including through their 110 support groups for sufferers and carers across the UK. These groups offer activities such as self-help, peer support and information about mental illness, as well as ongoing support in other areas of life. They support people at every stage in their illness, and in life, with helplines, crisis centres and post-institution accommodation to help those coming out of hospital to live independently. Mental illness can affect many aspects of life, and Rethink therefore cover financial issues, housing and employment also through their services.

There are over 200 forms of mental illness, and every person is affected in a different way. That’s why it is so important to have a variety of resources available to support. A donation of just £5 means Rethink can help answer to phone to more people reaching out for help. With £55 they can invest in services such as crisis centres and recovery houses. Vote for free today and help them offer more support to those in need.

The likelihood is that you will either have been affected or know someone who has been affected by mental illness; and will be aware of the affect it has on the lives of those suffering and those around them. By casting your free vote for Rethink this May, you can change the lives of many individuals by helping fight discrimination. Voting is free and easy, simply visit the My Favourite Voucher Codes homepage and click on the poll on the right-hand side (bottom of the page for mobile).

Voting closes on Midnight May 31st, and all votes are free. There is no need to sign up or use any vouchers to vote, however every voucher used does contribute to the amount donated. 

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