October 28, 2019 (Hong Kong) –

The evolution of smartphone filming is here with the new DreamGrip® SCOUT, the compact universal smartphone rigging system for shooting and streaming.

The system is future focused for teenagers, students, vlog starters or active social network users, business individuals, start-ups, and other content creators including those with zero previous shooting experience. SCOUT rig kit will empower anyone for delivering the better quality content at almost no production costs.

The new product designed to adapt to any smartphone and is easy adjustable for horizontal and vertical shooting even with accessories mounted on. With its patent pending track connection system DreamGrip® SCOUT can integrate with all universal film and photography equipment like external microphones, lights, etc. The system can be handheld, mounted on a table or full size tripod or connected other way with the standard 1⁄4” thread.

New concept directional Minigun microphone is innovative for its compact size and lightweight and fine-tuned for capturing voice at 35-80cm/1-3ft distance with a bit enhanced low frequencies to deliver a velvety voice sound. The mic comes with a connector to any phone/camera gimbal device directly with no effect on the balance.

Today, DreamGrip® have announced a crowd funding campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dreamgrip/scout-any-smartphone-video-rig-with-all-you-need-accessories to getting a support from community of content creators and drive advance sales of the first SCOUT units before the product’s official launch on November 29th at Amazon worldwide. The first backers will receive their SCOUT package at a 20-30% discount. Package prices range from $29.90 for the basic SCOUT XM set and scale up to $99 USD for SCOUT MOJO – the full professional kit for mobile journalism.

The campaign will be launched on October 29th at 12:00 a.m. GMT sharp!

Currently, DreamGrip is in negotiations with select partners for retail and distribution agreements but for now the company will be limiting sales through crowdfunding.

To back the DreamGrip project and join the community, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dreamgrip/scout-any-smartphone-video-rig-with-all-you-need-accessories

To learn more about DreamGrip and its products visit: www.dreamgrip.com

To watch the product video at YT: https://youtu.be/J0j1T_WaqYw SHORTLY ABOUT DREAMGRIP®

DreamGrip® is the global brand for Universal Phoneography Modular Ecosystem with the plurality of products united by “all-you-may-need” concept for low budget video production.

Initially, the idea and design of the first rig name Evolution was born in Hong Kong by a small group of videography enthusiasts. Today under DreamGrip® brand you may discover a number of smart accessories and extensions, which will help you to get the best of your smartphone camera and empower anyone for professional level video content production.

Started as a small lab with a few enthusiasts DreamGrip® team now is growing and collaborating with engineers and designers around the world while the branded products are well known by phoneographers over the globe. And whatever new products yet to hit the market DreamGrip® promises to support the modular concept and universal compatibility of all elements of the Ecosystem.

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