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LONDON, 30th November 2018 – Serving up giant 20 inch New York Pizza’s to celebrities is nothing new for London’s Mulberry Street Pizzeria – so Wednesday’s call from a representative asking for a delivery to an unnamed star was handled with the usual care and diligence.

Everything changed however when within an hour the store discovered that the A list star was the biggest movie star in the World ‘Dwayne The Rock' Johnson who had just posted a photo of himself with two of Mulberry Street’s authentic 20 inch New York style pizzas to his 123 million Instagram followers.

Within hours the post had 4.5 million likes and the phones at Mulberry Street were ringing off the hook. Sales for Thursday increased by over 1000% and the stores online ordering website crashed as Rock fans from all over the World clicked to check out where these delicious looking pizzas were from.

Restauranteur Seb Eshraghi said, "Mulberry Street is well known locally for our great pizza and huge portions so we were thrilled to be able to fuel The Rock’s cheat day. We’ve had calls from all over the world asking how far we can deliver! We’re incredibly grateful for the boost The Rock has given to our small business he’s made us world famous."

And if your curious to know what The Rock is eating? Well it’s The Hawaiian featuring pineapple and ham! Order yours online today:

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Launched in Spring 2007, Mulberry Street was rated by The Times newspaper as the best Pizza in the South East.

American review site Pizza Snob commented, “I just can’t imagine there being a better slice of pizza in all of England.”

Mulberry Street is London's first New-York style neighbourhood pizzeria with a fast, intoxicating atmosphere and open galley kitchen.

Famous for their traditional New York size of 20 inches {London's Largest}. Prices start at just 18.99 GBP, which feeds four hungry adults!

Mulberry Street offers a free local delivery service for its 20" pizzas. Mulberry Street, 47 Moscow Road, London W2 4AH

Reservations, Collections and Delivery, Tel: 020 7313 6789

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