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When Birmingham-based learning organisation Righttrack commissioned a survey of 2,989 learners, less than 30% chose e-Learning as one of their top three training methodologies. However, it’s been reported that as many as 75% of businesses are investing in learning technologies in some capacity. Instead, survey participants chose on-the job training, coaching and classroom training as the winning three corporate learning methodologies.

In response to these findings, Righttrack has created a new approach to people development; one that takes into consideration the methodologies learners engage with most, whilst preserving the convenience and cost-saving benefits that makes e-Learning attractive to businesses worldwide.

e-Less Learning comprises clusters of training sessions, typically of 10 - 60 minute durations, that can be used standalone or delivered together as comprehensive modules to individuals, small groups or whole teams. They are cleverly designed to be picked up and facilitated by anyone, anywhere; without reliance on external providers, internal training teams, taking teams off the job for any length of time, training rooms or technology.

Kasmin Cooney OBE, Righttrack’s Managing Director, said: “e-Less Learning is a ‘forever resource’ that has been a saving grace for so many organisations. Some have a large population of non-desk based employees for whom e-learning is not appropriate. Others just aren’t convinced of the effectiveness of e-learning but don’t have the budget to roll out classroom training for every development project, company-wide.”

Righttrack is a family-run business that has been at the cutting edge of learning and development since 1988. It specialises in the design and implementation of tailor-made learning solutions for organisations worldwide. e-Less Learning enriches the approaches available to embed values, reinforce customer service ethos, develop sales skills, management techniques, diversity and inclusion strategy, and much more.

Claudia Cooney, Strategic Business Development & Marketing Director said “It might sound like we are going against the grain amidst a technological revolution. However, when learners identify face-to-face learning methodologies as those they engage with most it is clear that, although e-learning has its place within the Learning & Development arena, there is a gap for something more holistic and learner focused. e-Less Learning not only satisfies this requirement, it also starts to bring ‘just-for-me’ and ‘just-in-time’ learning to the heart of the organisation. This is the future of people development.”

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