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It’s not surprising then that this growth market was the feature of a recent infographic from SPI Lasers, who are an active provider of lasers to automotive and related markets of e-mobility.

SPI Lasers have created this infographic, with a vision to simplify the understanding of e-mobility by providing a definition and also supplementing this with useful information relating to e-mobility projects. The infographic is presented in a striking visual design, which is complemented with plain and clear English, which is designed for even the uninitiated in e-mobility to be able to understand.

We spoke to Matt Wallis, Head of Marketing Communications at SPI Lasers and asked about the rationale behind creating this infographic, “Here at SPI Lasers we know that e-mobility has an amazing future. The world has now changed gear and is moving away from fossil fuel powered vehicles to the power of electricity. We felt it was important for us to create this infographic, first and foremost to provide a definition of e-mobility, which was easy to understand and also provide some useful background information too.”

We asked Matt what role SPI Lasers and fiber lasers will have to play in the large-scale manufacturing ramp-up, which is required to deliver e-mobility?” Matt replied, “There are a number of ways in which fiber lasers can be used for the benefit of electric vehicles. We already have an active presence in Automotive, this will only grow with e-mobility. Areas such as dissimilar metal welding, cutting of stator plates and integration into other manufacturing processes are just a few examples.”

Although the technology behind electric motors existed before internal combustion engines it’s only in the last five years that the market has opened up and large-scale production of electric vehicles is now definitely on the horizon. The market is projected to grow 40x in the next decade, so industry faces a massive challenge to “ramp up”. Matt continued to explain, “Fiber lasers are renowned for delivering and driving efficiency. We know that as businesses invest in fiber laser technology that it will help them to deliver the massive surge in manufacturing output required. Fiber lasers can with absolute precision – drill, cut, weld, ablate, etc. all of which can be integrated into manufacturing processes. Fiber lasers can work 24x7 with minimal maintenance and are error-free, the return on investment is high as businesses can use their fiber lasers for many applications – rather than just one!”

Trying to quantify the growth of the e-mobility market is a task in itself. The market isn’t just cars, it’s any vehicle, which enables mobility through the use of electricity. So, this would include vehicles such as lorries, vans, planes, ships, trains and many more.

 “We believe the market for e-mobility is huge. Some are pessimistic about the loss of jobs due to reduced fossil fuels usage, but the demand for employment in e-mobility fields will be just as high. Think for example about investments required in the development of charging infrastructure, which is needed to replace petrol pumps. SPI Lasers will be investing heavily in this market as we see this as important to the future success of the business and also important as a requirement for our customers. This will apply to e-mobility charging infrastructure as well as the building of all types of electric vehicles” finished Matt.

To learn more about e-mobility please view the following infographic, which has been published by SPI Lasers: https://www.spilasers.com/case-study-e-mobility/what-is-e-mobility

If you would like to find out more about fiber lasers and the role they will play in e-mobility, please visit the SPI Lasers website at http://www.spilasers.com

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