EA Worldwide use a face-to-face personal approach to market products or services to their target audience. Understanding the consumer’s needs and developing a marketing campaign that their target audience relates to ensures loyalty to their brands. EA Worldwide have increased customer acquisition for their clients by an average of 15 per cent in the first 12 months of running and outsourced campaign.  The demand for direct marketing and sales services has risen considerably.  

EA Worldwide have seen an increase in big name brands introducing more personalised marketing campaigns in an attempt to boost sales through consumer engagement.  Last week KFC launched separate marketing strategies for women and men consumers. To launch the release of their new BBQ Rancher, a 'healthy' non-fried burger they developed 'his and hers' advertisements. Etiquette is the subject matter for the 'female' focused advert where the male advert has a more 'fun-loving' theme. "The way a product is marketed can play a big part in acquired revenue. KFC have clearly seen an opportunity to add a more personalised approach by promoting the new burger to the different attitudes towards fast food in female and male consumers" says Josh Cote, managing director of EA Worldwide. EA Worldwide reviewed trends that emerged from the infamous Super Bowl commercials; personalised marketing was certainly prominent. Coca-Cola had different adverts ready to deploy throughout the Super Bowl depending on which team was in the lead. "This form of personalised marketing has really come forth as a strong trend this year. Coke played on the emotions of the fans by featuring polar bear’s dressed in Giant’s and Patriot’s colours and by playing an advert that helped boost the spirits of the team that was losing. Engaging consumers in this way makes the brand memorable which is more likely to lead to future purchases" says Josh Cote of EA Worldwide.

Personalised marketing is sometimes referred to as one-to-one marketing as businesses use information they have already obtained about their ideal target market to personalise their marketing strategies. EA Worldwide have seen promising results from their personalised marketing rather than attempting to target a wide audience with a generalized marketing message. 

EA Worldwide among many growing brands have learnt how to differentiate their business from competitors by using personalised marketing strategies to engage their audience, a method that has seen increased customer loyalty.


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