The Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana hosted the 46th Super Bowl on Sunday February 5, 2012. With over 100 million viewers tuning into watch the biggest event in American sport many brands spend upwards of $3 million per 30 second commercial to marketing their product of service. EA Worldwide say the pressure on many brands to produce a funnier, sexier and more memorable advertisement climbs every year.

EA Worldwide's managing director Josh Cote flew with business associates to Indianapolis to attend the Super Bowl and claims the advertisements seen will set marketing and advertising trends for the upcoming year. "Certain brands are renown for their Super Bowl advertising, Coca-Cola, Honda, GoDaddy and Budweiser appear every year and certainly come under scrutiny if their adverts are not bigger and better than the previous year" says Josh Cote of EA Worldwide.

The newest trend set by this years Super Bowl commercials is undoubtedly the 'adverts for adverts' claims EA Worldwide. Many brands released 15-second teasers to build up anticipation of what to expect from their Super Bowl adverts this year. Kia Motors certainly drew the the biggest pre-game audience with their Mr. Sandman advert featuring Adriana Lima and Motley Crew. "It's an interesting trend to observe as it really allowed the brand to gauge how consumers will react and even give the brand an opportunity to amend their commercial prior to the release during the  the Super Bowl. This can be seen with Coca-Cola's advertising, they had various adverts ready to deploy depending on which team was in the lead throughout the game" adds EA Worldwide's MD Josh Cote.

Coca-Cola's Super Bowl advert stood out for many as it actually related to football, with the added feature of being able to change depending on how the game was panning out. EA Worldwide confirm this is an effective form of advertising as they play on the emotions of the Super Bowl audience. "To market or sell a product the target audience must be engaged, Coca-Cola did a great job at relating to people watching the adverts as its easy to forget that they are pitching their product. As we all know people like to buy what they need not be sold to so Coke have done a great job. It is a very memorable advertisement" continues Josh Cote of EA Worldwide.

EA Worldwide predict many brands will use this new trend of creating hype by participating in more viral campaigns that will generate hype around a product before its actual release. The success of the brands advertising at this years Super Bowl definitely adds validity to this claim by outsourced sales and marketing firm EA Worldwide.


Which Super Bowl advert generated the most buzz? 

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