Their high prices have been rather a sticky subject for EE since the launch of their UK's only 4G service, which is run by the company. And it seems the overlords of EE have come to their senses and cut prices in the wake of the bid application for the UK's future 4G services opening this year.

The cuts come in the form of increased data allowances and reduced minimum contract fees. From 22nd January 2013, customers can join for £31 p/m for 500MB, rather than the previous £36 p/m for 500MB.

Data allowances have also been boosted from a maximum of 8GB p/m to 20GB p/m on new data plans starting from £61 p/m with a one year minimum contract. On these plans, EE are currently offering customers a £15 if they sign up before the end of February this year. User who take out the one year plan will receive just a SIM, but those who go for the two year plan will also have a choice of smartphones. EE are hoping folks will be drawn to the one year SIM-only contract.

If you are not sure whether to sell your mobile or leave the upgrade and just buy a SIM? It might be worth waiting until the middle of the year before doing the whole 'sell my mobile' thing, since by then we'll know which service providers have been successful with 4G network applications and whether you should sell your iPhone or not!

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