Nail buffers are used to polish and shine the surface area of the nails.

Manual nail buffers look like thick nail files. They can be used on real or artificial nail surfaces. These manual nail buffers smooth and shine the nails to a beautiful, high gloss finish instantly.

Soft, friction-free padded buffers are two-sided and are used for smoothing, scratch elimination, and oil buffing.

Extra thick manual nail buffers are designed to quickly reduce the thickness of the nail and smooth it. These rough surfaces should be used mainly for artificial or acrylic nails. The medium side of a buffer can be used for rebalancing preparation while the fine side is good for smoothing and surface refinement.

Another type of manual nail buffer is a thick, rectangular-like block. The black side that has a grit of 360 will file away any roughness that is present on the nail plate surface; then the white side will smooth it even more. The gray side buffs the nail plate to a high shine.

Three-way buffers are similar to the padded buffers. They are three-way smoothers and shiners. You start with the coarsest side and work your way to the finest side. It provides the nails with a healthy gloss shine with no need for oil or buffing powder.

Electric nail buffers usually encompass detachable buffers with varying rough or fine surfaces. They offer a more professional and even buffing of the nail. Moreover, they move at higher speeds than one can do manually; thus it will be quicker to buff the nails, be it natural or acrylic nails.

Those interested in beauty or want to work in the beauty industry, should learn how to care for your nails by attending nail courses London! Moreover, an acrylic nail course or gel nail courses can add up to your manicure experience!

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