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Emora Ltd is no strangers to working with millennials, a common misconception of the era suggests that they lack some of the fundamental characteristics of inspiring figures of yesteryear.

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With many reporting that millennials lack loyalty, require constant reassurance and will only consider flexible opportunities which afford them time to focus on creating a work-life balance.

Strongly disagreeing Emora Ltd are confident that millennials are capable of maximising productivity and inspiring growth within the business.

Emora Ltd, share their secrets on reaching maximum productivity:

1. Write your thoughts on paper. Often individuals can put their feelings on the back burner, and this can be detrimental to mind and body. While it is important to preserve relationships, it can be beneficial to vent. Abraham Lincoln was known to write letters to people expressing his feelings, with zero intention of sending them. This allowed him to unload feelings without long term repercussions.

2. Find your meditation practice. Find a personal release, this may or may not include traditional meditation. The idea is to find solace in the mind, an activity that allows clarity through thought. Cooking fishing or running are great examples of solo time designed to clear the mind and can benefit the body too.

3. Find your distraction. Sometimes it is important to rest the mind, the freedom of thought can improve creativity and recharge the brain cells ready for action again. Find a distraction that clears the mind, find an activity that requires focus and draft in friends to join the fun. The idea is to set aside any worries or projects that are causing burnout and instead take the time to enjoy the activity and enjoy the company of friends.

Sales and marketing firm, Emora Ltd, provides clients with an innovative and efficient solution to brand awareness, brand loyalty and customer acquisition through the method of direct marketing. They provide campaign management and measurable results to allow the clients they work with to efficiently improve their overall customer base. The firm is committed to developing well-rounded business people through their mentoring services and frequently run free workshops designed to upskill their contractors.

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