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Nottingham's brightest outsourced-sales and marketing firm, Emora recently ran a company-wide business trip across the country in conjunction with managing director Lauren Harrison's seminar on accountability and its importance in the sales and marketing sector.   

The dynamic sales and marketing firm recently ran a company-wide business trip, with different groups of contractors visiting multiple locations across the UK during self-development exercises. The company ran the business trip after a seminar covering the importance of accountability ran by the firm's managing director, detailing the importance of not becoming a 'victim' through the cycle of responsibility.  

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During the seminar, Lauren Harrison discussed the importance of accountability, detailing how success within the industry comes from personal responsibility. Emora has revealed essential aspects to consider and communicate about accountability, applicable to all industries and professionals.  

Emora has ensured that each individual is aware of expectations they are being held to, within the field and the office-based running’s. Emora are eager to ensure that each professional beginning their journey with the firm is aware of implications and their responsibility, in order for prevention and easy resolutions.  

Emora understands the importance of positive reinforcement in regards to their brand ambassadors. The firm is eager to discuss accountability with positive inclinations, through seminars and one-to-one conversations ensuring that good behaviours drive excellent results.  

Emora is eager to conduct to a company culture that involves the understanding and practise of accountability, ensuring the production of positive results within the field. The firm has detailed five steps of accountability and situation resolutions, specifying how an individual seeks reality, acknowledges reality, owns it, finds the solution, and ultimately resolves the situation.  

Emora is set to continue the success of their past twelve months by ensuring they remain to assess their business development opportunities, seminars and workshops offered to aspiring entrepreneurs involved with all aspects of the company. The company understands the importance of educated individuals, ensuring the opportunity to learn more about the sales and marketing sector is available to each professional willing to expand their horizons and improve their entrepreneurial journey.  

Source: https://www.inc.com/barrett-riddleberger/5-ways-smart-sales-leaders-successfully-conduct-accountability-conversations-wit.html  

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