The 2011 Employee Benefits Live Conference urged UK businesses to focus on employee motivation as well as recruitment. The conference called for the adoption of more varied benefits packages including health screening, reward and prize promotion schemes. 

Taking place last month at London’s Business Design Centre, it was noted that companies commonly use employee benefits to attract higher calibre candidates during recruitment. However, the conference called for more emphasis on employee benefits packages which continue to excite and motivate staff on an ongoing basis. A key theme was the growing diversity of the UK workforce. More UK employees are remaining in work for longer than in previous years, whilst the needs younger employees must also be catered for. Whilst incentives such as child care voucher schemes may be appreciated by certain sections of the workforce, they will not fulfil the needs of those at the very youngest and oldest ends of the spectrum. Benefits packages must therefore be tailored more precisely to meet all sections of this changing demographic. 

Similarly, it was proposed that rewards should be tailored to address issues of salary with equal importance. A discount scheme was given as an example of a highly effective motivational asset for those at the lower end of the salary range. It was noted that executives at the higher end should still retain access to more traditional packages. Prize management specialists NDL Group echoed the call for more varied strategies.

 “Creating flexible and responsive benefits packages is an effective way to ensure that all staff remain engaged in the process. Prize promotion, voucher schemes, whichever way the benefit is delivered, the end reward must be genuinely attractive to the individual staff concerned,”

 As well as the nature of the reward itself, the scheme’s delivery must also address this demographic diversity. For younger staff, integrating access to incentive schemes with everyday technology use can help increase engagement. Along with more general Internet applications, digital delivery provides a platform for greater awareness and uptake of reward and prize promotion schemes. The new generation of smart phones allows for more real time communication, with more instant access to interactive applications.

 “This is one very effective method to engage those who are up to date with the latest technology. There is an entire new generation of staff who really enjoy using this kind of application. It’s vital that your prize promotion is configured to allow them to participate using their phones. They need to be able to instantly use the scheme without any glitches and it must be available on a range of platforms such as Android or IOS.”

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