• Thousands of tradespeople to choose from
  • Profession-based search
  • Free membership
  • Automatic location detection
  • Worker profiles with Google Maps as standard
  • An instant messaging service
...all wrapped up in an easy-to-access desktop and mobile-friendly bundle. Visit www.ourworker.com to see what's going on.

Owner John Gregory set up OurWorker with the idea of closing the gap between employers in need of skilled workers and skilled workers in need of employers. He thought the market would benefit from a business model that included a portion of the service that was genuinely free of charge. As of now, the site is used by thousands of people every day.

The site is specifically designed to work well with your mobile and tablet, as well as your home desktop. As a worker, you can show examples of your work on your own photo galleries and outline details of yourself and the skills you offer; your location is also shown on a map together with your contact details.

As an employer, you'll have easy access to a wealth of employable tradespeople, from electricians through to dog walkers and you'll be able to see who's in travelling distance quickly and clearly.

To join the free site, whether you're a skilled trades-person or an employer, just hop over to  www.ourworker.com, create a profile and leave the website to do the rest. 

The great thing about sites like OurWorker is that they take the enormity out of the internet. The web is based on the free-flow of information across the globe and the sheer scale of it can be intimidating to those looking for very particular things. How does an electrician in Berwick Upon Tweed use a network of information that traverses the globe to find jobs within driving distance? Businesses like OurWorker really focus the search and close down the dead ends for both our hypothetical electrician and the people that might want to use him.

Then there's the question of the employer. Say you're renovating your home and you find that the plumbing is a little more complex than your thought; where can you find lots of plumbers in one place? Again, this is where sites like OurWorker are proving to be useful. Simply log on to find lots of plumbers, presented as profiles, with all of the relevant details.

So. Why not see what all of the fuss is about and check out ourworker.com?
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