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After Netflix reported 62 million viewers watched The Queen's Gambit during its first month, it seems that interest in chess has penetrated even the uppermost echelons of society. A London-based family is now offering a top salary for a tutor to turn their son into a chess protege.

The job post, listed on VIP tutor, governor and nanny job site Jobs in Childcare, states that the tutor should help the youngster "to excel in maths at school and nurture his natural interest in mathematics, physics and chess out of school". The tutor should be a 'high flyer', perhaps working in London’s financial district or similar.

The lucky successful applicant will be well rewarded for his or her time; the salary on offer is £250 per hour, totalling £1,000 per week for the four hours of work requested.

James Alger, Director of Jobs in Childcare commented that chess-related job posts have become more common on the site. “We have certainly noted a number of clients seeking candidates who can play chess. It’s making a comeback!”

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