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Bob Hayward, a South West-based business owner and investor has written his fifth book to help other small to medium business owners get to grips with the most important aspect of sales - profits.

The Profit Secret will be launched on 10 December and is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

During his forty-year career, Bob (64) has created seven different businesses in a variety of industry sectors and delivered training to thousands of salespeople across the world. During lockdown he hs run webinars for business people bringing in some well known international guest speakers including Tom Ziglar, son of Zig Ziglar.

Bob, who is today the managing director of Be More Effective, a business growth consultancy, said: "Most business owners and salespeople struggle to hold on to their profit margins against tough competition or negotiations from their prospects. Too many get wrapped up in the vanity of the size of their sales orders and the size of their turnover. If the deal is not profitable, even though it's a 100 million pounds, it could kill the company in the end.

"From a pandemic point of view, you've got to be very careful as a business owner and salesperson that you don't get involved in a race to the bottom. When people are worried about costs and their own profitability, and customers are trying to buy as cheaply as possible, it could hurt everybody. There is a way of selling at higher margins which adds significant value to everyone."

His previous four books Persuade, Remote Working, Fit for Purpose Leadership, and Pivot and Grow were all Amazon top best sellers in their categories. This latest book, The Profit Secret was initially co-authored by Nick Baldock, who sadly passed away in 2014. Bob initially put the book aside following Nick's death, unable to finish the writing. Lockdown inspired him to pick it up again and complete the work they started together.

Bob says the book's most important message is that 'as a business person, you need to position yourself as someone who binds three keys together - relevant need, meaningful value and profit'. You should not be someone who is determined to win the sale at any price.

"Profit is a hidden secret that's been right under our noses in full sight for years" Bob said.

"Profit is the secret that makes sales and business operate authentically. Profit has for too long been pushed aside in favour of a focus on customer-centric value.

"You can deliver value to the market without profit if you wish, just not for very long.

"If you want your selling to be successful, for your business to succeed, you must make a profit. Sales is vanity, profit is sanity."

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