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In a time when more and more young people are determined to take control of their professional development, GB Marketing Enterprise’s Graham Buchanan believes that the increased amount of lucrative entrepreneurial opportunities has enticed many young professionals, which has resulted in a high proportion of them deciding to pursue entrepreneurship.

About GB Marketing Enterprise:

Located in Cardiff, GB Marketing Enterprise base their model on paving the way for a new generation of direct marketing. The firm is a strong advocate of entrepreneurship, and they are committed to nurturing the talent of young professionals.

As a result, GB Marketing Enterprise regularly provides ongoing mentoring, training and support and offer national and international networking opportunities for ambitious and driven professionals who are looking to take charge of their own professional development.

According to the findings from the 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report, millennials are endeavouring on the path of entrepreneurship significantly earlier than their predecessors. The report states that young entrepreneurs are now setting out at 27, which is a stark contrast to older generations who typically launched their first business at around 35.

GB Marketing Enterprise was delighted by these findings and believe that this proves that it is possible for young professionals to achieve their goals earlier in life than the previous generation.

In a statement released from the firm, Manning Director Graham Buchanan stated that the rise of entrepreneurship amongst young people and the high proportion of them making a success of themselves has transformed the world of business ownership making young entrepreneurs the new rockstars.

The firm is predicting that this boost will have positive repercussions on the sales and marketing industry. As the sector gives every professional an equal opportunity to succeed by ensuring that everyone starts at the same level, this instantly eliminates an immediate hierarchal system. The firm also provides extensive support to professionals who demonstrate exceptional leadership capabilities and are ambitious and driven to succeed.

Discussing the notion that entrepreneurs are the new rockstars Mr Buchanan said “The number one thing we’ve noticed when speaking to young professionals is that more and more of them are wanting to take control of their own professional growth and they’ve realised that entrepreneurship is the number one way to be able to do this. As a result, entrepreneurs have now reached the same status as rock stars, and it has now become the most desired professional path, which I think can only mean great things for the sales and marketing industry.”



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