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The Health and Safety Executive estimated 374,000 people in Great Britain suffered from an upper limb disorder, which was caused or made worse by their work.  However, many musculoskeletal disorders can be prevented with correct posture. Saxen Workplace Solutions are pleased to announce the launch of the ErgoCube website to offer information and advice to improve posture and reduce the incidence of ULD’s.

Alexander Technique specialist, Sarah Chatwin advises:

"Posture plays a far greater role in musculo-skeletal health than most people realise. We tend to be unaware of how we hold ourselves until we develop problems. But today as people in Britain are spending longer hours at their desks, good posture at work is more important than ever. Having chairs and equipment at the correct height for your stature is an important way to support good posture and prevent problems before they begin."

There are many injuries associated with poor ergonomic design from carpal tunnel syndrome to back pain. ErgoCube aims to provide information and advice to help improve posture to combat common injuries. Ergonomic guidelines for the computer user highlight correct posture and recommend advice in setting up the workplace.  Correct adjustment of the office chair and position of the mouse and monitor are important factors. 

Ergocube offer both preventative and curative ergonomic products. Product specifications are offered to aid consumers, be it choosing a product to reduce muscle tension in the arm and shoulder with a palm support or reducing strain on the lower back with a footrest.

The products have been sourced from top European manufacturers of ergonomic accessories having a wealth of knowledge and experience in their field. These manufacturers have reviewed research and conducted studies, reflected in the product designs. 

The ErgoCube product range includes:

  • ergonomic office chairs and height adjustable desks,
  • computer mice and wrist rests,
  • keyboards and footrests and,
  • document holders and notebook stands. 

Sarah Chatwin ( is a fully qualified member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique and a professional member of Back Care. 

Saxen are a family owned company specialising in office furniture with an e-commerce website ( and an office furniture showroom offering a workplace design and fit-out service.  For further information about the ErgoCube visit: or contact 0845 652 0454.  

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