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Buyers are typically looking for bargains, whereas sellers are looking to sell goods no longer used and earn some cash into the bargain! Both buyers and sellers also appreciate the positive benefits that buying second hand goods also has on the environmental footprint.

It is not as easy as it sounds though! When consumers around the globe investigate buying or selling second hand goods there are a myriad of classified advertising sites to choose from. All of these sites offer something just a little different. This report is from eRowz, a Belgian based Company who have a mission to bring order to the chaos of buying and selling second hand goods online. So please read on for more information.

Which classified advertising site(s) to choose?

Every day of every week millions of second hand goods are placed up for sale by private individuals on classified advertising sites across the globe. These goods cover every imaginable spectrum of what consumers can buy and can be smaller items (e.g. electrical, clothes, music, etc.) all the way up to larger items (e.g. cars and even houses).

A problem though is that the online classified advertising market is very fragmented across the globe. The market has global brands as well as country specific sites all competing for the same business and traffic. Google and similar search-engines cannot be relied upon to provide accurate aggregated results for the best second hand deals as they are not set-up to operate specifically in this market.

In all this chaos, many consumers are asking “Which site(s) can I rely on and should I choose to buy and sell my second hand goods?

Bringing order to the chaos – eRowz

Bringing order to all this chaos is a Belgian Company, eRowz (formerly known as bcdotnet) which started operations back in 2011. eRowz collects second hand offers from across the world and presents them in one easy to use country specific website.

“Buying and s_elling second hand goods online can be chaotic and a lottery. We are working hard here at eRowz to bring order to this chaos with a suite of innovations, which we expect will change the industry forever and for the better!_” says Bart Verschueren the CEO and Co-Founder of eRowz.

Currently more than five hundred million offers from in excess of 120 classified advertisements and 18 countries are accessible by eRowz. This data is grouped, de-duplicated and algorithms are applied to help visitors find the very best second-hand offers which meet their criteria.

A snapshot of eRowz functionality is summarised in the section below:

  • FREE – Using any of eRowz family websites is entirely FREE of charge, there are no listing fees or commissions payable when goods are sold

  • Device compatible – The websites are designed to be responsive and can be viewed on desktops, PDAs, mobile devices, etc.

  • Mobile Apps – There are mobile apps to use eRowz functionality on both Android and iOS

  • Advanced filtering options – Users can filter searches in areas such as viewing of related searches, add a minimum and/or maximum budget for the purchase and filtering by partner e.g. on Amazon, eBay, FreeAds, etc.

  • Find offers - eRowz sites make it easy to find both relevant and low-cost offers

  • Alerts – Visitors can subscribe to alerts. When new advertisements related to their preferences are posted they will be notified

  • Geo-located – Sites know the geographical location of a user and offers are targeted based on geo-location relevancy

  • High relevancy levels – Complex semantic searches by buyers and sellers of second hand goods. eRowz sites results relevancy are very high and beat competitor sites in the vertical search industry for classified advertisements

  • Rich caching – The sites have rich advanced caching functionality which ensures that processing speeds are in line with industry standards and visitor expectations

eRowz group websites

The eRowz portfolio of group websites includes (but is not limited to) the following country specific domains which all provide tailored geo-located offers to each country:

  1. Argentina - venta.com.ar

  2. Austria - gebraucht-kaufen.at

  3. Belgium - site-annonce.be

  4. Brazil - usadobrasil.com.br

  5. France - site-annonce.fr

  6. Germany - gebraucht-kaufen.de

  7. India - for-sale.in

  8. Ireland - for-sale.ie

  9. Italy - in-vendita.it

  10. Mexico - venta.com.mx

  11. Nigeria - for-sale.com.ng

  12. South Africa - forsale.co.za

  13. Spain - compra-venta.es

  14. UK - for-sale.co.uk and

  15. US - for-sale.com

The group of websites as at June 2016 reached around seven million unique visits per month. New eRowz sites are in planning for Australia, Japan, Poland and Sweden. Additional countries will be added continuously over the years to come too.

eRowz serving both B2B and B2C markets

Through group websites eRowz operates in both B2B and B2C markets:

  • B2B – eRowz websites drive premium traffic to partners such as Amazon, eBay and Kelkoo by listing their second hand products for sale when user search criteria is matched. eRowz maintains strong relations with B2B partners who are happy to work with the sites due to the high levels of quality search traffic they provide, for example eRowz is a top 20 partner of eBay

  • B2C – Due to the functionality of eRowz websites (detailed above) B2C customers use the sites to both buy and sell second hand goods. Customer satisfaction surveys suggest the majority of customers are very happy with the experiences of using the sites, which help visitors find bargains and are also environmentally-friendly through encouraging there-use of second hand goods

Download the App

eRowz site functionality can be accessed from mobile devices by downloading either of the following apps which are available to download for both iOS and Android:

The eRowz app can be downloaded from any of the group websites, functionality may be restricted based on where you live in the world as users need to have access to a local site.

eRowz history

eRowz started life in in Enghien, Belgium back in 2011 through two Internet Entrepreneur’s - Bart Verschueren and Vincent Vandegans who worked initially part-time on the business idea. In its first trading year eRowz turnover was €120K. By 2013 Bart and Vincent were working full-time from Bart’s attic and the business was growing from strength to strength. In early 2015 eRowz won a prestigious Trends Award for its fast growth rate as an internet business. Moving on to 2016 there are now 17 people working at eRowz in roles such as C# Development, Online Marketing and Systems Administration. Business turnover has increased by an estimated 20-fold to €2.5M in 2016 from the 2011 levels.

eRowz - the future

The medium-long term plan for eRowz is to continue to gather and organize increasing quantities of unstructured data and present it in a convenient and easy to use web and mobile front-end format. With continuous investment in R&D eRowz is well-placed to continue to extend both the countries it has reached and also further extend product categories. eRowz company turnover is expected to grow to turnover of in excess of €4M in 2017 and further turnover increases in later years are forecast due to extending service offerings to 30+ countries whilst also developing additional further specialist product category provisions.

Visit http://www.erowz.com to learn more about their vertical search engine and family of websites which can help sell your second hand goods online. eRowz can be contacted at the following: http://erowz.com/#contact

Contact information:

Telephone Number: +32 2 398 18 27

eRowz SPRL

Rue Jean Burgers,

2, 7850 Enghien


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