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Escape the virus (at least for a few hours) with Rupert Wolfe Murray’s new travel book: Himalayan Bus Plunge -- And other stories from Nepal.

In his introduction to Wolfe Murray’s first travel book, Alexander McCall Smith wrote: "We are there with Mr Wolfe Murray, experiencing his discomfort and anxiety, but sharing, too, his insights.”

Read about the author’s fear of going off a cliff on a rickety Nepalese bus, his horror of going home (“Culture Shock!”), and meet a unusual cast of characters: a gardener who translates for aid agencies; a brain surgeon who drives like a demon; and the Tibetan doctor who diagnosed the author’s fever as “fire in the belly”.

“My original aim was to offer travellers to Nepal a complement to the Lonely Planet type guidebooks,” said Rupert Wolfe Murray, who is currently based in Brighton.

“Then along came Coronavirus and I was told now is a terrible time to publish a travel book as nobody is making travel plans. I’m sure that’s true but I also think this is a good time to publish as people are stuck at home looking for something new to read.”

Pre-publication feedback:

"Stories that are funny and always compelling. Rupert Wolfe Murray is a throwback to an earlier bolder time, like finding Hemingway alive and well on Oxford Street." Chris Stephen, journalist and war reporter.


"Your written prose is strong and well crafted. You have a very interesting personal history in the Himalayas and a deeply involved, embedded brother there. This adds rare insight.

"You connect to people but keep an almost third person perspective: unemotional observation of those with whom you interact. I came away with a deeper understanding of the region."

Peter Mair, Federal Prosecutor (ret. USA)

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Notes to editors

  • Himalayan Bus Plunge -- And other stories -- will be published on Amazon platforms on Thursday the 26th of March
  • Publisher: Rupert Wolfe Murray
  • Keywords: Travel / adventure / hiking / trekking / Nepal /  Himalayas / tourism / emergency and development aid
  • The author’s profile and other books can be seen on www.wolfemurray.com
  • To get a review copy contact Rupert Wolfe Murray on 0747 138 1973 or wolfemurray@gmail.com
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