The experts in products for business – ESE Direct – have released the results of their Cycle to Work survey. The survey looked at the motivations behind the recent rise in the number of people choosing to cycle to work, providing statistics based on the overall use of cycles within the nation. 

After gaining these basic metrics, the survey then turned its spotlight on the relationship between people who cycle to work and their employer – a current hot topic in the media as the government  is now  encouraging UK citizens to purchase cycles at a 42% discount under their Cycle to Work scheme. 

According to the ESE article, 690 people responded to the survey, of which just over 650 said they regularly used their cycle as their primary means of getting to and from their place of employment. 70% of the overall sample reported that they commute to work on journeys over five miles, with the average distance covered around 6 miles.

 With the nation currently in the grip of a cycling craze following Bradley Wiggins' success in the Tour De France and Team GB's gold medal performance in the 2012 Olympics, government figures shows that there has been an increase of 17% in the number of people who are turning towards the humble cycle in move away from the car, which is now  viewed as both a costly and ecologically hazardous manner of transportation. There are clear and obvious health benefits associated with travelling by cycle, but what does this new type of commuter expect from their employer?  

The headline conclusion reached by ESE's survey relates to the ability of businesses to attract new employees based on their facilities for cyclists. Around four fifths of the people surveyed said that they would look more favourably on an employer who was able to provide simple bike racks and storage rooms, with just under 70% stating that they would be more inclined to cycle to work if their employer was able to provide simple wash-rooms and changing areas in the business. 

The implications of these conclusions for businesses looking to attract the best, and perhaps the fittest, employees cannot be understated – twenty years ago a workplace's failure to provide car parking facilities would be a deal-breaker for many potential workers, so it's unsurprising that many of the clearly growing number of cyclists are seeing such facilities as an important requirement in their search for bigger and better job opportunities. 

For more information on the results of this survey, which should provide valuable insight into the cycling boom for prospective UK based employers, please see the full article on the ESE website 

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