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Looking from the angle of this manic life,

the only time we feel present is when we lose time. Zolt Kovac

G A L L E R Y 106 is delighted to announce the Artist in Conversation event, which is an integral part of the current exhibition of Six Established Artists from the Balkans.

Zolt Kovac is an artist engaged in changing social attitudes through reflection on the urban community. His work examines our all-consuming ‘rush’; the criteria that are being degraded; the idea of why we started this rush without challenging it critically. Why are we chasing it? Is it money? Fame? Happiness? Self-realization and productivity have become the one and only religion. We have fallen into this maelstrom of everyday activities and obligations, running on endlessly to a powerful state of over-whelming creativity. The stability of this increased presence in which we can spend many hours rarely realises that anything else exists outside this micro-activity. Conversely, time can pass quickly, but there is always the impression it is vanishing and more often, we are trying to overcome it through manic activities.

Zolt Kovac is the co-founder and editor of the influential online arts magazine Supervizuelna (www.supervizuelna.com) which provides critical analysis of some of the dominant issues of contem-porary art. He also plays bass guitar in the alternative rock band Jarboli.

He received undergraduate and master’s degrees from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. His artwork has been exhibited in more than twenty solo shows and many more group exhibitions, both in Serbia and internationally.

During the event, there will also be the opportunity to view the current exhibition at GALLERY 106, which in addition to works by Zolt Kovac, showcases the work of five other established artists from the Balkans: Roman Djuranovic, Nemanja Golijanin, Tadija Janicic, Iva Kuzmanovic, and Petar Mirkovic. Each of them demonstrates a distinctive way of depicting contemporary society, which is highly personal to the world they live in. Influences include cartoons, photography, music videos, pop art and other modern media.

The twenty-seven exciting works on display utilise a broad range of techniques and media, including oil and acrylic on canvas, pencil and charcoal on paper, silkscreen and oil on aluminium.

G A L L E R Y 106 is a non - for - profit organisation that provides a platform to explore, create and present contemporary art and all forms of artistic expressions.

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