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The firm continually reiterates this message to their team of contractors that goals are there to be achieved with the right action plan and execution tactic. The culture for development is key to the firm's success to date, and their supportive working environment encourages growth and accountability. By offering advancement on personal merit, it is clear to see those who are committed to their goals and those who will struggle unless they alter their approach. 

Blue Moose reveals their top tips to stop hiding behind excuses and finally get ahead: 

1.I don't want to risk it – If there's a goal to be met, it's worth risking failure to achieve it. Taking risks is a fundamental part of entrepreneurship, and the most significant threats often offer up the biggest rewards. 

2. I don't have enough time – There is always time, find out where time is being wasted, implement the new structure, and use the free time to work on those goals. 

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3. I don't know anything about that business – Follow passions, learn new things, and see where the changes take the career. Build a network around people who have followed a similar path for inspiration. 

4. There are no opportunities for me – If there is no door, build one. Entrepreneurs create their opportunities. Demonstrate a solution, advertise the fault and voila there is the opportunity. Being proactive is the key. 

5. My goals are big and unattainable – Break those big dreams into mini steps and start on them right away. Always look to work on projects that match core values to boost satisfaction in work. 

6. I am of afraid what others will say – Personal opinions of others won't matter when success is present, work hard, keep the integrity, and ignore the haters. 

Blue Moose is a direct marketing agency that offers ongoing sales solutions for clients in a range of business sectors. Already established in many locations across the UK, Blue Moose is fast becoming one of the country's most successful personalised marketing specialists. 

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