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The Leeds-based firm is set to launch their successful direct marketing service in the form of events. This new marketing solution has been tried, tested, and further tailored to meet a wider variety of industries and is now ready to be rolled out and applied to almost any business model. “It’s an exciting time for us as a business. We have invested a lot in this new approach and we’re looking forward to implementing it for our clients and achieving even greater results for them,” says James Sagar, Managing Director of Executive Touch Ltd.

Executive Touch Ltd's new service is designed to deliver a host of benefits including higher brand awareness for a wider range of customers, and delivering a high-quality solution across multiple locations through the UK and Europe while also offering more support to clients. Managing Director of Executive Touch Ltd, James Sagar explains, “Ensuring that we completely understand our client’s objectives is what will allow us to create such high quality and profitable campaigns. We work in partnership with our clients to extend their reach through a tailored and personal, yet direct approach.”

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Executive Touch Ltd understands that each and every brand is different and therefore each individual campaign developed by the firm is tailored specifically to align with their clients unique objectives. “Our direct sales solution achieves a 100% success rate in hitting our client’s targets but our upgraded service is expected to exceed targets and provide considerably greater profit margin,” says James Sagar, MD of Executive Touch Ltd.

The outsourced sales and marketing firm are excited about their new business direction and partly accredit their successful re-launch to their existing clients, “We held a significant number of meetings with key customers to learn how our company could improve process applications and purchases. The feedback we received from these customers was invaluable and has been a key driver in the updates to our services,” said James Sagar.

Direct marketing is an attractive solution for companies because the results are so easy to measure. Customers are reached on a daily basis and brands can get day-to-day statistics on how their campaign is faring along with feedback on their product or service. This is why Executive Touch Ltd chooses to specialise in face-to-face sales and marketing as it is currently one of the most effective marketing and customer acquisition solutions.

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