How It Works


Containing a rich mix of branched chain amino acid supplementsto contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, Pre.Fuel also includes additional energy boosting B vitamins and key minerals such as Vitamin B12 to aid the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. The upshot is a fast-working pre workout supplement that doesn’t contain any added carbohydrate or sugar.


According to elite sports nutritionist and Kinetica Brand Ambassador, Matt Lovell, who has helped design the product - if you can’t fuel it,you can’t do it!

‘Optimal sports nutrition is reallyabout fuelling properly for training and recovering adequately afterwards. Numerous pre-workout supplements rely on high levels of stimulants which fail to deliver real nutrientsto muscle fibers - resulting in poor muscle strength, reduced power and quick burn out’, says Matt. ‘Pre.Fuel is designed so it doesn’t leave you wired for hours or suffering a post workout crash’ he adds.

Two level scoops of Pre Fuel are recommended to 300-350 ml of water (in a shaker or blender) prior to training.

Why Pre.Fuel?


·         Increase energy for improved performance

·         Fight off drowsiness and enhance level of alertness and intellectual functioning

·         Improves mood and concentration

·         Increases endurance - increased blood flow to the muscle tissues, which means greater oxygen delivery to continue on with aerobic performance


Renowned for its natural flavour engineering and trusted nutritional formulation, each product in the Kinetica range is safe- batch tested within WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) guidelines.


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