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Soaring mountain peaks, white sandy beaches, innovative restaurants, striking architecture and a vibrant clubbing scene - Barcelona is undoubtedly one of Europe’s must-see cities.

The buzzing capital of the Catalonian region, Barcelona’s distinct culture sets it apart from the rest of Spain, having been influenced by the region’s language, character and history for some 2,000 years. Since the abolishment of Franco’s dictatorial regime in 1975, Barcelona has seen a cultural revival that has restored its Catalan heritage and paved the way for new dynamic cultural institutions to take root.

City Travel Review’s journalism/language development projects are a unique opportunity for candidates to immerse themselves in a unique travel experience they will never forget.

Programme participants spend anything from two weeks to three months getting to grips with the principles of travel writing and reviewing while writing, editing and designing a travel guide to the city. As well as attending language classes and cultural seminars led by our friendly, professional staff, our fun-packed programme of day trips and visits to local attractions and media outlets allows participants to gain a unique perspective on city life.

To find out more about City Travel Review’s journalism and language development programmes, including our 2013 projects in Berlin, Edinburgh, Madrid and Lyon, feel free to drop us an e-mail at You can also find us on Twitter (@Citytravel), Facebook and on our website,


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