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Exploring Whitechapel’s History Through Its Doors

NEW BOOK! Whitechapel Doors by Louis Berk and Rachel Kolsky

May 8th 2019, London

Whitechapel Doors (publisher Mango Books) is a history of Whitechapel told by the doorways throughout the area. Photographed by Louis Berk and narrated by Rachel Kolsky, an award winning London Blue Badge tour guide, this new book provides a unique perspective on the importance of Whitechapel to London’s social and political history.

Containing over 120 portrait photographs of doors found on Whitechapel’s buildings, Whitechapel Doors spans a timeline from the 18th century to the modern day. The entrances range from humble residences to grand public buildings and are accompanied by an explanation of the significance of each to the history of Whitechapel.

“The idea for Whitechapel Doors came to me a few years ago while perusing the 20,000+ photographs I have taken of Whitechapel and Spitalfields,” says Louis Berk. “I realised I had subconsciously been taking portraits of the many wonderful and historic doorways to buildings. An idea formed in my mind to create a history of Whitechapel just using photography of the doors.”

To provide the historical perspective, Rachel Kolsky, with whom Louis had previously authored two other books (Whitechapel in 50 Buildings and Secret Whitechapel, publisher Amberley Books) was enrolled to write the narrative to the photographs.

“Louis and I share a passion for Whitechapel and before we formed our creative partnership we had both been exploring the back streets of the area absorbing and researching the rich and varied history of the area. I immediately identified with Louis’s idea when he presented it to me,” says Rachel Kolsky.

The idea also met enthusiastic support from Adam Wood, Managing Director of Mango Books who signed up Louis and Rachel to transform the idea into a reality. Whitechapel Doors.

“Mango Books is delighted that Louis Berk and Rachel Kolsky, established and successful authors, have chosen our company for this wonderful book. It fits well with our growing catalogue of titles,” says Adam Wood.

ISBN: 978-1-911273-71-4

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Adam Wood: adam@mangobooks.co.uk

Louis Berk: louis@louisberk.com

Rachel Kolsky: info@golondontours.com


Louis Berk is a photographer (louisberk.com) whose work in the ‘fragile hinterland’ of Whitechapel and Spitalfields has been used regularly since 2008 in newspapers, magazines, books and websites, both in the UK and internationally. He published two highly successful books for Amberley Publishing with Rachel Kolsky, Whitechapel in 50 Buildings and Secret Whitechapel, in addition to his solo effort, East End Jewish Cemeteries, based on a 5-year photographic project in two of London’s oldest Jewish cemeteries, to which he was granted exclusive access.

Engaging, knowledgeable and entertaining, Rachel Kolsky,an award winning Blue Badge Tourist Guide, is passionate about exploring London's heritage. Her popular walks and talks (golondontours.com) cover a wide range of themes and areas but always focus on the 'human stories behind the buildings'. In addition to her collaborations with Louis, Rachel has published Jewish London and Women's London.

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