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An extensive study of UK wedding industry has revealed that the majority of couples nationwide typically spend under £12,000 on their wedding day. Guides for Brides, an award-winning information provider to the wedding industry, conducted the study based on over 18,000 couples using their online wedding planning software. The results are also supported by the average costs of over 3,000 venues and wedding suppliers.

This figure is counter to other more regionally-focussed surveys and reports suggesting costs of over £32,000, which could be unnecessarily putting couples off getting married. “Every bride and groom wants a fantastic wedding day, but it doesn’t need to cost as much as people have been led to believe,” says Alison Hargreaves, Director of Guides for Brides. 

“We were the very first online wedding publisher in the UK and constantly keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to wedding information and trends. In London, brides may expect to pay nearer £30,000 and we know that some are spending over £100,000 on elaborate weddings with extensive guests lists, but these figures can distort studies on what the majority are spending. Our report shows that the cost of marriage is still within reach for the typical UK couple,” she suggests.

High end and widely-publicised weddings are great for the wedding industry, but while they can help create a sense of aspiration for couples with more moderate budgets, the 'Pinterest effect' can often backfire. A separate online poll of over 400 people revealed that 83% of respondents believed the increasing cost of weddings 'puts people off marriage'. 

“Revealing the true cost of marriage in the UK should give more people the boost in confidence they need to plan their own wedding, even if they don’t have a £32,000 budget,” says Hargreaves.

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Guides for Brides is a well-established, award-winning and respected information provider in the wedding industry, and has been connecting brides and businesses for over 20 years. Thousands of brides nationwide use to find inspiration, ideas, wedding venues and suppliers for their big day, as well as using the interactive Guides for Brides Online Wedding Planner through every step of the wedding planning process.

Alison Hargreaves, Founder and Director of Guides for Brides has nearer 30 years of wedding industry experience, and went on to form the first online wedding information source Guides for Brides in 1997. Alison is a prolific networker and has extensive knowledge of the wedding industry and would be happy to provide commentary around the study, thoughts and opinion and can be contacted on 01235 770078 or 

Read the full report here.

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