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St. Gallen, June 2022. Unproductive online meetings are dull, cost the participants nerves, time and their health - and sometimes millions for the companies.

According to a study by TimeInvest, a company with 100 employees wastes an average of around 570,000 euros a year on unproductive meetings. At the same time, the number of shorter meetings even increased by 22 per cent during the pandemic - because more coordination is needed virtually, as a Microsoft Insights study from April 2020 shows.

Sitting makes you sick, movement makes you creative

This can have serious consequences for our health, because sitting in front of a screen makes us tired and sick. Anyone who spends eight hours a day sitting and without exercise has a similarly high risk of death as a heavy smoker or someone who is heavily overweight, as various studies show. Exercise outdoors, on the other hand, not only strengthens the immune system according to studies, but also stimulates the metabolism and the oxygen supply. Our nervous system relaxes, the stress-induced increase in cortisol levels decreases and our brain is aerated: we have more access to our brain capacities, our creativity and our ideas.

Walk your talk

With the credo "use your feet while you meet", the digital start-up Talent Maps from St. Gallen packs all these advantages into the Feeting app.

"Our 'Feetings' - meetings while walking - literally move people and teams," says Lucia Burtscher, co-founder of Talent Maps and inventor of the Feeting app.

The Feetings not only get the body going, but also the meeting culture: they take place via audio call through the app. This does not distract from walking in traffic and you focus on the essentials with only one sense, your hearing: what is being said, your voice and your mood.

Automatic notes and corporate licence

Together with the feedback of the private beta users, the beta version of the app has been fine-tuned in the past weeks.

What is missing in the conventional telephone call, the app offers with various features: In order to increase the motivation for exercise-rich Feetings, a pedometer tracks the steps of all participants. While doing something for your own health, you are also actively working against climate change. "The app shows how much CO2 emissions are saved compared to a video conference," says Lucia Burtscher.

The Feeting Gems™️ are particularly practical: all important topics ("hot topics") and questions of the meeting as well as agreed follow-ups are recognised in text notes in the app including a mood smiley and speeking times, summarised and saved for all participants. Feeting Gems™️ is currently available for English-speaking meetings and will soon be available in other languages.

For companies, Feeting also offers a business licence: it enables dedicated Feeting rooms for teams or certain occasions as well as information on company-wide use.

"Feetings are particularly well suited for professional exchanges, creative team brainstorming sessions, mutual updates and informal conversations - thanks to artificial intelligence, the app ensures that no important information is lost," says Lucia Burtscher. The integrated voice isolation and noise suppression ensure the best sound and intelligibility and interference-free conversations.

The beta version is now available in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, the basic version is free. More information is available at: www.feeting.app 

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