Children with Junior ISAs can receive up to £3,600 a year from anyone who would like to ensure that their future is safeguarded with a coming-of-age nest egg. The money saved in a Junior ISA is owned by the child but is kept in trust until they turn 18, at which point they can use the money to cover university costs, get on the property ladder, or anything that they choose.

Arabela Velasco of iProsperMedia said: "We are pleased to represent Fidelity Worldwide Investments and promote their Junior ISA through the iProsperNetwork. Today’s children are faced with the burden of an average £53,000 in student loans after a three-year degree programme, which makes saving as early as possible crucial to safeguarding your child’s future."

Fidelity is one of the UK’s largest investment fund managers, trusted with managing assets of over £145 billion from its over 660,000 UK customers. Their 3-pronged principles for investing for children are easy to understand and formulated to help families achieve their financial goals: start saving as soon as possible, invest as much as you can afford, and make contributions every single month.

"The Fidelity Junior ISA is tax-efficient and allows parents to invest with a firm that has a long history of helping investors achieve their goals. Saving enough to give your child a debt-free education is a daunting task, but with proper planning and discipline, it's possible to save enough to cover university fees with money to spare," continued Ms Velasco.

Fidelity Worldwide Investment is committed to helping their clients make the best investment choices for their circumstances. Its wide network of global financial experts are dedicated to bringing the best investment opportunities to their clients in the UK and beyond. 

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