Though Twitter has kept its finances confidential in the run-up to its public offering, the micro-blogging firm has been valued at over 10 billion USD, and is expected to be the biggest tech IPO since Facebook last March.

Facebook’s shares took a dive shortly after its IPO on fears that the company would not be able to monetize its services, but it’s thought unlikely that Twitter will follow suit. In fact, Twitter has seen its advertising revenue increase faster than any other social network in the past year, more than doubling in 2012 and expected to double yet again to $582 million (£365 million) in 2013. 

UK digital marketing firm iProsper Media, which specializes in finance, has welcomed Twitter’s IPO announcement as yet another sign that finance and technology are increasingly intertwined in the digital age.

Joe Luong, Digital Marketing Director for iProsper Media, said: "Twitter has now become an integral part of the marketing mix and its growth via its IPO will only help fuel the digital revolution. As digital marketing company, we welcome Twitter's IPO announcement, as their growth can only help fuel future generations of social media and tech innovators."

Figures from firm eMarketer suggest that while Twitter doesn’t receive as many advertising dollars as social media giant Facebook, their ad revenue streams are the fastest growing among all social media platforms.

And the fact that Twitter has far fewer users than Facebook doesn’t look to spoil their IPO, either, as many experts estimate that this gives Twitter – and their advertising opportunities – more room to grow. Twitter is nowhere near peak saturation in users, which gives advertisers good reason to believe that Twitter will continue expanding, bringing more viewers to their advertisements. 

iProsper Media will closely watch the Twitter IPO and keep their readers informed through leading UK financial information websites such as and, both owned and operated by the firm.

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