"Create, don’t hate!" is one of businessman Boyd Parker's core philosophies. One of the fundamental pillars of leadership is to see the solution to every problem, the positive in every negative, the potential creation in the face of destruction, and the win in every challenge.

It has been a challenging time worldwide with lockdowns imposed on a planetary level, but thankfully there are signs of recovery. Many industries and businesses that ground to a halt are now slowly starting to resume trade in a new normal of social distancing and mask-clad faces.

During this period, a team in Maidstone, headed by Parker, proved once again the old adage that it is the most adaptable that prosper. It has built a contact centre and created opportunity for inside sales agents (ISAs), a mass savings on utilities for the public, and a new vertical for offices nationwide, if not worldwide.

The team has attracted some of the biggest hitters in every industry to use its marketing services. When the vertical first launched, it was a retraining exercise. Its face-to-face systems proved to be applicable in so many different areas, and with small tweaks, these systems again showed their reliability and helped catapult the call centre forwards.

At its conception, the contact centre was generating 50 sales. With the hard work and dedication of all involved, this has skyrocketed to just shy of 1,000 acquisitions weekly in just nine weeks.

Impressively, the leads being used by the contact centre's entrepreneurs were our client's former leads. As Parker explained: "One man's trash is another man's treasure!"

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